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Thread: Id like to publicly Congratulate my Son

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    Yesterday my 19 y/o son got the call he's been waiting for...He is now a San Bernardino County firefighter, granted he is a PCF (paid call firefighter) but none the less he is starting his dream since he was just a little boy.
    So Chris, I know you lurk, I just want you to know how proud I am of we'll have to talk about rent ....j/k
    and make sure you wear your county shirt to the gym :devil:

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    Very nice!
    Congrat's go out to your "li'l hose dragger"!!!
    Wear clean underwear too!

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    Way to go Chris.

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    Congrats Chris!

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    Congratulations on your most noble of professions - helping others! May you have a long and safe career.

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    Is he hot?

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    Is he hot?
    Probably, but he's 19, oh, I guess he's legal, go get 'em skank...
    Congrats to your son ahhell...

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    He's totally legal, damn it. A professional Cougar like me has to pounce before other old, horny hags step in waving cases of beer and Cuban cigars.

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    This thread is not about you getting some tail skank, it's about ahhell's son's awesome accomplishment, geez, you cougars will go to any length to get some action...

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    Congrats to him, Nice start to a a good career at a very young age

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