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Thread: Where to get glass?

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    I live in Tucson, about an hour out of Pheonix and was wondering if anyone knows of a good fiber dealer in the area? I need resin, glass and filler.

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    These people can supply resin and other materials. is the best place for small amounts of cloth.

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    Doug will ship anywhere!
    His cost are very reasonable and an super source for tech. info!
    Tell him Todd (TRG fiberglass) sent ya, he might hang up on you! lol

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    Shur-Fab, and are good places to deal with. You can also call or go to Sticky Stuff sales up in Glendale. Don't bother with Composites One they will not sell to the general public. I would suggest taking the drive up to Glendale and going to SS. The shipping on any of the liquids will get you.....

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    Sorry, I figured you were looking for something in Tucson so I did not open my mouth. Of all the places I have used in the Phoenix area I have liked Sticky Stuff the best. I have heard people say they did not have the greatest experience, but I have always been treated right. The guy that runs the place is Marvin. Good luck with the project.

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    hey, try this guy he is in san diego, go to he will answer phone and ship quick i used him for years look at site does airplane stuff too.

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    I'm heading up to Glendale this week, thanks for all the advice. The project is going to be a complete restoration from the engine to new paint, I'll send photos along the way.

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