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Thread: 4-point seatbelts for sale.

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    I have four blue DJ Safety four point belts for sale. 2" belts with wide shoulder padding. Shoulder belts are Y-style and can be mounted to a single tab or wrapped around a crossbar.
    New they are $75 to $100 each. I'm selling all four for $200. These belts are in like new condition perfect for a Rhino or buggy.

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    These will make any Rhino/Artic Cat/ Ranger alot safer. In fact these along with a crossbar are the first thing I recomend to anyone who just got a side by side.

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    Got them all cleaned up...they look brand new. I even have the bag they came in with the instructions.

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    Was wondering if you still have them for sale??

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    Was wondering if you still have them for sale??
    Yep still for sale.

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    Check you messages

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    Please Give Me A Call I'm Interested 951 532-4197.

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    Sorry guys ...finally able to open ***boat. Will call tomorrow (Monday)

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