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Thread: Two stroke oils/smoke when towing a wakeboarder

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    My girls who wakeboard consensous on 2 cycle oils:
    The Mercury Blend 2 stroke oil: smoked and stunk very bad.
    Kawasaki blend 2 stroke oil: less smoke and smelled better.
    Yamaha (watercraft blend) 2 stroke oil: no smoke and the smell was more tollarable
    Suzuki CCI 2 stroke oil:, No smoke, no odor at all.
    I used a gallon of each brand, 3 gallons of the Merc. oil in our 2002 FI 250 Mercury outboard.
    We take 3 three- 10 vacations and several extended weekends to Parker and seem to be towing constantly.
    The Mercury oil was so obnoxious to my skiers, that it prompted me to try other oils.
    We stuck with Suzuki CCI, and then our friends switched to it too and everyone concurred no smoke, no odor, clean plugs.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Yes 2-strokes smoke but,
    What kind of motor do you have?
    Oil injection? Have it checked.
    If not, what is your Mixture? maybe your useing too much.
    Try Penzoil 100% synthetic, it will smoke more on start up, but burns alot cleaner when underway and is much better for the lake & fishys! So I would think it would be easier to breath all the way around!
    ****If you switch, make sure you empty all the oil out of your tank and change your fuel filter or water seperator (if you have one)! Synthitic and oil don't mix, it makes gum!
    My two cents!

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    I use OMC/E-rude oil for my XP 150 and I haven't noticed any odor or extra smoke while towing.
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