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Thread: sanger boats

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    Sanger Buzz
    Would anyone know where I could get metal sanger plaque that was on the dash or sides of a 84 flatbottom thanks

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    You could try Sanger boats on HWY 99 in Fresno, don't know if I was lucky that day but it worked for me. Ask Sanger-Rich

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    b's sanger
    Keep checking on this board and on ebay. There were four of them a while back that sold for about $90.00. I have one, but it's not for sale, sorry. I knowit's a tease :devil:

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    i have 2 sets. but i need a sanger peddle wanna work something out

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    I wouldn't mind finding a couple my self.

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    I purchased one from Sanger 5 years ago. I need to get a hold of another for my new project Sanger, if anyone wants to sell one PM me.

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