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Thread: why so much????

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    This is what I've been looking for and the colors are perfect but why is this seat so much money? Does it vibrate while you drive????????

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    The last set of buckets we got from ARKO were $1200 each, Does seem like alot just for a seat, but i guess when you are the guy making them you gotta make a living. There is quite a bit of time that goes into them, they aren't pumpin em' out from assembly lines in Bangladesh.

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    Probaly government issue,90% paper work 10% labor

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    Get a hold of an upholstery shop, I know my father-in-law has the fiberglass molds for those types of seats at his shop and custom builds new ones for customers. He is in the SF bay area so probably cant help you himself but there should be someone in your area that can.

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    I had my my seats all redone, basically new ones built from scratch cuz all the wood was shot, for $640. My seats are the style that have one facing forward and one back with shared seat backs. The backs are pleated but the seat cushions are not. Colors didnt affect the price at all unless he had to custom order something in...
    I think these seats are spendy because there are those out there that will pay it...

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