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Thread: 6-71 kit complete with carbs

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    i'm sellin my complete 6-71 with dual 4150 dp 750's and linkage for 1600.00 firm if anyone is lookin for a cheap blower set-up ready to bolt on. i rebuilt the carbs less than 3months ago and they're dialed in pretty good for a 454-500 cubic inch chebby.the linkage is enderle linkage kit and its only 3months old also. the blower had new bearings, gaskets installed 2yrs ago and the frt case still holds pressure fine.i'll get some pics and post them tommorrow.the blower was putting out 10-11lbs at 30% over on my 475bbc.time to move out the old and save fo the new blower or 2stage nitrous set-up.i'll throw in the scoop for another 100.00. shipping will cost about 90-100.00 to most u.s. states.
    the blower isn't a show piece but works great, rotors look good. email me for pics at if interested. gonna stick the stuff on ebay this weekend along with some other things i don't need.

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    My buddy is looking for a blower for his ride.Intrested in trading for a twin turbo set up?

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    My buddy is looking for a blower for his ride.Intrested in trading for a twin turbo set up?
    why would someone want to go with less boost? but yes, i'd be interested in that if its for a bbc. i've got a couple guys saying they're buyin it, but noone has said the money is on the way

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