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Thread: Best Packing Replacement for Worn Shaft?

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    El Prosecutor
    Attached is a pic of shaft wear from under the original split packings on my 12jc. I am running a moderate output 455 Olds and don't want to replace the packings again for a long time. Options are:
    1) Standard Split Packing - (Comes w/ kit, no extra expense, ??Performance)
    2) Black Graphite Rope - (Moderate expense, may seat better on worn shaft)
    3) New Style Packing Replacement Unit - (Most expensive, no maintenance required, but relatively untested & unknown effect of previous wear on shaft)
    Waddaya think?

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    In general(ALL applications, not just pump shafts), lip-type seals (option #3) don't do well on worn or scratched shafts.
    Either of the first two options, properly installed, will likely outlive your ownership of the boat.

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    I use GFO graphite packing, been in my pump for several years now It's actually square vs round. The product works perfect and is virtually dripless once seated w/run time. My shaft has some pretty bad grooves in it...but no problems here

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    He said, "WORN SHAFT"!

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    El Prosecutor
    A hush fell on the blogosphere as El Prosecutor announced his decision to the Hot Boat community:
    [With flourish, i.e. the Iron Chef]
    :220v: Standard Split Packings!!. :220v:
    But why? The group collectively gasped.
    1) Comes with rebuild kit, no extra expense (minor factor)
    2) Can be changed to graphite without removing shaft if desired (big factor) :idea:
    3) With all of the experience and expertise on this forum no one makes
    a real case that one is really any better than the other. (main factor to me) :idea:
    4 And, I guess not having to tighten the packing nuts once in a while just isn't sufficient reason to change. :hammer2:

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    Graphite is all we use in our kits (standard), found it to work better and last longer than standard packing. Don't even stock the std rope any more.

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