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Thread: Pyrometer Question?

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    Question for those who have pyrometers. Installed a dual pyrometer from Gaffrig two seasons ago, and can't get it to even register. $300 dollar gauge and a large hole in my dash for nothing. Installed it at the very top of the mid section just below the power head and ran the wires cleanly up to the dash. Hooked the ends up per the instructions and never could get any reading on it. Minimum degree number on gauge is 600. Set up is a 2.4 carb bridgeport running 155 psi per cylinder and 92 jets. A qualified high perf Merc mechanic told me that the motor may be too rich making it run cool, but I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't even hit 600 degrees? A friend with a hi-po OMC has the same problem, no reading. Help?

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    I have had my pyrometer read too high but never not at all.

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    Ground wire?

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    Fast Boat
    .092 jets are a tad rich unless your intake is cross drilled. If you are running the slim line style probes which go into the lower exhaust chest bolt holes and they are pushed in too far (touching the block)the unit won't read. A water leak which contacts the probe will also cause the same problem. I have used several brands and the Hewitt units seem to work the best overall. If the unit works correctly you should have around 600 to 800 degrees at idle and need around 1050 to 1100 at wide open.
    Fast Boat
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    Fast Boat: Are the Hewitt units you are referring to the actual company that produces aftermarket probes? If so, where can I go to get some? Thanks

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    Did you try reversing the leads. Those thermocouples are DC voltage.

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    if they are "standard" K type thermocouples, the red wire is the - and the yellow is the +

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    Yeah, I have tried reversing the couples . . . nothing! I am a little irked. Thinking about pulling the pyrometer out and sticking a GPS speedometer in there? I would really like that pyrometer to work though?????

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