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    Who is going and can anyone help me launch, Ill be bringing my shovelnose behind my motor home and need some one to launch me and pick me back up. any takers??
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    When is the race?>??

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    Rich, when is it, maybe we can make the trip with the Extreme (no Shiver Shot) and even help you tow if you need it . . . . you've helped us out more than once . . . . . we'll talk at PCR.
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    Njba race is Sept. 15-16 next weekend and we wont be there.

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    We should have two tow vehicles available on Saturday and Sunday if all goes as planned. We will probably go up on Thursday night after we get packed, and usually park across form the play grounds by the food tent. You may need to pay for a vehicle pass to get in one of my pit crews pick up, as he usually parks it outside in the free parking. Get hold of me at with a phone number and I will call you Sunday.

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    I will be there this weekend pitting for a buddy, and putting him in and out, if our times dont clash, I would be more then happy to help you out, I will be with the whisky tango boat,its a white hondo t deck boat #401 , my name is Tye, and just so you know, I am no beginner at this so you would have no worries!, if you would like to call me feel free my number is 1-559-302-7602 give me a call!, if you know Gary riggin, I will be with him!

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