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Thread: Dan Aeseth Canyon Marine

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    I just wanted to say that Dan is a very helpfull guy .I do not know Dan personally but he has gone out of his way to help us with our boat biuld.all the parts i ever ordered were shipped that day no BS . when we needed a turn buckle the other day he went out of his way to find us one .I will always start with Dan when trying to find a part. Thanks Dan

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    Dan made sure Red Bluff happened for us!! Not only did he get the parts sent to where I could pick them up and install them on the way up there, he sought us out in the pits to make sure we were taken care of!!

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    Dan has not only been great to deal with, but has also taken the time to listen to exactly what I needed. He never hesitated in sharing info about equipment or setup either. He is a true professional that cares about his customers as well as the sport as a whole.
    Thanks again Dan.
    Paul Miller

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    Dan is definitely a stand-up guy when it comes to v-drive parts and advice.

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    Got some nice fiberglass shells, easy deal.

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