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Thread: info on my boat

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    bad muchacho
    I have a 1974 wriedt jet boat of some sort (I think its posibly a stinger)and can find no HIN on it it has been restored before I got it, can any one help me find info on these boats?!!:idea:

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    I am restoring a 16 foot '69 wriedt stinger...
    they were made in norwalk i believe
    from what I can tell from the one i am working on, they were layed up pretty well. It's in pretty good shape for being a 37 year old family lake boat that has taken a good beating in its time.
    you can check out its restore progress here:,11.0.html

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    bad muchacho
    looks like a lot of work! Did you find a hull id tag any where on it? just want to know if mine has been sannded off or filled in or removed and lost! the resto was done before i got mine and needs to be painter again and i dont want to ruin something that just may be buried under some paint.

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    I believe the USCG required boats to have numbers molded into the hull's after 1972...that wriedt is a '69 so theres nothing molded into the yours should have numbers on the transom. The ID Tag was mounted right by the forward/reverse shifter.

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    bad muchacho
    thanks for the info!!:idea: ill carefully look for mine.

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