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    I have a 454 Indmar Chevy engine in my boat that I would like to get a few more ponys out of.
    Block #14015445
    Heads #14092360
    Intake #333841
    Don't have the cam #s
    What I have found out is it is an 87-89 truck block, 85-89 open chamber heads (2.06 intake, 1.72 exhaust), and what looks like a 73-75 intake with the oval ports.
    The boat is an 87, so I am assuming the block and heads are 87.
    Am I in the right ballpark or not?
    What I would like to do is cam it a little, upgrade the intake, and go to an HEI distributor to get a few more ponys. I don't need anything drastic, just would like a little more. (I know once you start it is an evil addiction that you have to feed. Could I run a blower on this engine?)
    I run a Holly carb, and through transom exhaust.
    Any suggestions on a combination that will work is appreciated. Thanks

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    I'm sure you have peanut port heads, get a set of 049's and it will wake it up big time!..

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    Iv'e Never Owned One. But It Sounds Like Your A Good Pro-charger (or Other Belt Driven Huffer)candidate? Thats There Claim To Fame Bolt On 50 Or What Ever Percent, With No Other Changes.

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