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    Does anyone know where on the west coast I can get a 2.4L exhaust chest ported? And also who makes a good set of aftermarket heads for the same motor? I had a set of 150 heads but they got trashed when a couple of piston ring locating pins came out. Thanks, Gary

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    Dick Sherrer Marine out of Downey, CA. Does good work. You would want Ed Lane to work on the motor.
    I would also trust Lakeland out of LHC.....which is closer to you. Good Luck!

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    I have already dealt with Richie over at Lakeland and have no complaints. He helped me out quite a bit with the internals for the motor I am running now. Thanks for the info. Gary.

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    I do alot of port work on v6 mercs.You can check out my website at I have a shop in southern ca. 619-445-7628 Thanks, Eric Simon

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    O.B eddie
    Richie does great work even does nos..!!

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    Thanks again, Gary.

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    I sent my 2.4 BP EFI to Jim Ruck. He ported the exhaust chest, modified the rod slots and finger ports. Also did a few sleeves (which is why it was there in the first place).
    Pics are at
    I also have a set of 1-piece 2.4 Hemi heads for sale. Originally cut to 35cc by JSRE (so they look pretty), then cut by Ruck to 33cc, but have never been run since. I want $250 for those.
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    The link for speedcraving would not come up. I might be interested in the heads. Are they the 1 piece foam cast type? My heads right now are milled to about 33 cc. If you can give me the number of who did all your machine work. This is 1 of my extra powerheads so I am in no hurry to get it done. Thanks, Gary
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    Server was down due to the SQL worm thing. Back up now. Yes, they are 1 piece, hemi heads, cut to 33cc. Here's the pics though:

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    Those are sharp looking heads. What kind of compression did you get out of 33cc heads? I run 26cc with a stock gasket and get around 150 psi.
    Timebomb.........if you don't buy Keith's heads, I would highly recommend checking out the JSRE website. You can find a link over at scream & fly.
    I did some lurking (mostly) on the scream & fly board and the guys from JSRE (Jay Smith Racing Engines) really seem to know what they are doing. I was highly impressed. They are out of Texas, but ship all over. Good Luck
    [ January 28, 2003, 06:17 AM: Message edited by: HavasuDreamin' ]

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