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Thread: English Beat/General Public in Temecula

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    Who is going? We are here drinking.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    When? Tonight? We would have gone, had we known.

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    sounds like fun. Is it sold out?

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    I saw them play at Toe's Tavern in Pasadena a few years back (well, more than a few). That was a great flash-back show.

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    We saw them a couple years ago at Belly Up in Solana Beach. He's either played there again or booked to play there again this month(can't remember).
    Super small venue so you're within a foot or two of the band.

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    Sportin' Wood
    Old guys singing "Mirror in the bathroom" just does not do it for me.

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    Old guys singing "Mirror in the bathroom" just does not do it for me.
    Simmer down now (

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    Sportin' Wood

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