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Thread: 86 Howard T-deck runner bottom

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    Fresh 468 chevy, 671 blower, new headers, fuel pump/filter, hardlined fuel and water, new 850 holley carbs, new paint and interior, billet flamed steering wheel, trailor in excellent condition, new paint and led lights, brand new 17" rims and tires. Last visit to Lake Ming ran a 8.66 at 122mph still have time slip. Too much to list. asking 21,000$.
    Any questions call or pm me
    (559) 730-6373

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    Nice boat reminds me of the old Parker Strip days late afternoon races.

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    Bro, what's up why you selling that SWEET boat. You just finished it! Man who ever buy's that ride is going to be very happy, she sure is a runner that;s for sure, well sorry to here this, but got to do what you got to do, I wish I had the ducks for that ride!, I no what it run;s and how it ride's it's one fast ass boat!!!!!! and the paint is SWEET, the hole boat is sweet!
    hey chad if you want to , I can park it if front of my house, and store it in my garage if you want , I live on a killer cornor to sell stuff, and it would be in good hand's! just a thought if you like! It would get seen well , and I am sure it would go quick, let me know bro! got no problem in helping you out selling it! AND i DO KNOW THAT BOAT very well!
    p.s hey chad would you be willing to sell everything minus the motor, and if so, HOW MUCH??? REMEMBER this is tye, my bolt's hold that boat together,, lol just ribbin ya, but let me know if you would be willing to seperate!

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    hondo Jim
    bump it up 4

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    bump 4 ONE BAD ASS BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!, HATE TO SEE IT GO!

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    Hey thanks for the bumps guys. Tye, no I'm gettin completely out of it. Gonna try some other hobbies for awhile. She'd sure look good sitting in your garage buddy.

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    Jay Vern
    What's the other hobby? I have a mid travel sandrail with a Honda V6 that we could do some trading with.

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    that is one badass looking boat!

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    Hey thanks for the bumps guys. Tye, no I'm gettin completely out of it. Gonna try some other hobbies for awhile. She'd sure look good sitting in your garage buddy.
    hey bro, just wanted to let you know, that if you want to get more exposer, my house would be a geart spot to put it on the weekends or during the week, had my junk sitting out there,not try to sell it but alot of people stopping byto look and ask question's! so if your interested let me know, be more then happy to show it for you, and I can tell you for a fact it would be well taken care of that I promise you, but let me know! just trying to help you out!

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    Beautiful boat! Nice job!

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