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Thread: It's 45*F and I'm going for a bike ride

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    Tom Brown
    ... wearing shorts.

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    You are an animal

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    Sportin' Wood
    Is it still light up there? It's friggen' nighttime!

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    Baja Big Dog

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    Phat Matt
    What do you keep your AC set at?

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    I take it boating season is over? I'm going for a night cruise, also in shorts. I'm sure both of us will break a sweat. But not in a gay way.

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    Tom Brown
    I take it boating season is over?
    It's over here.
    Today is 65*F, the warmest it's been in a week. It will start freezing each night starting in the next week or two.
    Welcome to the great white north.

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    Tom Brown
    Is it still light up there? It's friggen' nighttime!
    When the sun goes down, I use electric light.
    I made my own LED headlight system and it works pretty well.

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    photo chick
    Bet you didn't eat your ice cream while riding today.....

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    Well TB I just booked a flight to visit my Canmore place on 10/31. Time to bring a coat, etc..NO shorts, maybe a drinking bottle for the coat too.

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