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Thread: cats are not completely..

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    Baja Big Dog
    Thats some nasty ass shit there!!!

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    OMFG that is gross, where do you find this stuff??

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    I am going to track that person down and have him arrested for animal cruelty.
    He'll be bunking with Vick.

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    Tom Brown
    Nice find, Hooli.
    For whatever this is worth, that seems like an extremely calm and gentle cat. While males, like that cat, often are pretty gentle, I think it's a safe bet that cat has been overdosed on love and attention. It may not know what the hell is going on with the cord deal, but that cat has a beautiful life.

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    I wonder if my lizard can do that.:idea:

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    Squeeeky Clean!

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    I'm gonna try that with my extension cord and and a Horse and see what happens...

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