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Thread: Pump Setup

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    Putting pump together. Nothing has been torqued yet, but bearing cap and impeller nut have all been snugged. With no shims Im seeing .062" clearance to the wear ring. From everything I've read this is too much.
    Wear ring was installed by MPD so I know its done right. is it adviseable to turn the shaft down ~.040 so I can throw a shim in it to get closer to .030? Impeller is a brand new Heritage Bronze...
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    Vacation Dude been at moabi 9days now

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    turn the cone down on the impeller to make the difference up done it a dozen times.

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    Dont want to mess with the impeller. Talked to Jack, he said its common to have to trim the shaft. Got it done(thanks Pop).

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    No problemo..pop

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