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Thread: Was it just my IP service or HB

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    HB been down for a day or 2 or was it my IP service?

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    I think it was down

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    agreed, site was down.

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    Site was down AGAIN

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    Never knew how much I lurk here till it was gone. I actually got some things done around the house. Oh the boat too... loloololol

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    It wasn't your IP.

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    i couldn'tget it either,i was going to call my internet provider and b%tch! l.o.l.

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    lol i thought my work finally caught on to me and blocked me
    but when i got home, it didn't work either...
    ...i think ***boat needs to get a bigger server to handle more users!

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    you can get your temporary fix here:
    a few people have been goin over there while HB sorts out their DB issues.

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    Noted and added to my favorites!
    I kinda like the Image

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