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Thread: Ride plate, Droop and place diverter

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    While my wife was getting some seat time in the 21 Daytona
    I deceided to crawl over the engine cover and check out
    the back of the boat while under way.
    at about 40mph. with diverter set flat. I noticed have alot of hardware dragging in the water.
    looks like the bottom of the droop, the cylinder for the diverter, and the nozzle were all in the water.
    the ride plate stops about where the droop bolts on.
    on my last 2 boats (both v hulls) while on plane everything was slightly above the waterline.
    Is this correct for a tunnel?
    Do I need a longer ride plate?

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    I would have to say you need a longer rideplate. Anything draging in the water is just that ( Drag). Also try a little more wedge.
    Here is a pic. of mine

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    Are you sure your tunnel is on it's plain at 40 mph? My tunnel isn't on a plain until about 50 mph and porpouses around 45 - 48 mph.

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    no not sure, i know at about 70 it seems to lift a little.

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