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Thread: restaurant in San Bernardino

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Anyone got some good restaurant picks? Thanks

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    Sima's Restaurant, 801 N La Cadena Dr, Colton,
    Down the road a little bit. Really good food.

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Sima's Restaurant, 801 N La Cadena Dr, Colton,
    Down the road a little bit. Really good food.
    What kind of food do they have there? Im lookin for a place for sat before the concert on sat.

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    Mostly German. It's Wolfgang Puck's retired executive chef. His wife got tired of him around the house, and made him open a place. It's a hole in the wall. His wife is the hostess/waitress, and he's the chef. Steak Burgandy and a Paulaner Weissbeir. Good stuff. Might not be the place before a concert though. If you just want to hang, hit up Hospitality Street in San Berdoo. Most of the big chains represented. There's a Mexican place that's next to the Claim Jumper that's decent but has a good bar. Hospitality is one of the few places in SB that I don't feel like I'm about to get shot. There's one of those Japanese Grill's down there that's pretty good too.
    Down the 215 in Colton, there's a Pinnacle Peak. Great steak, very casual, and family style. Get the Cowboy Steak and order your triple bypass in advance.

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    Go to claim jumper. Food is good, and so is the service. But get there early, there is usually a wait after about 6:00...

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    Eliminator 4 Life
    Sweet I love some claim jumpers thanks for the heads up.

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    Most of the restaurants on Hospitality Lane are good; San Bernardino keeps this part of the city clean and almost crime free...
    I love Crabby Bob's.. Informal, excellent sea food, BTW its right across from Claim Jumper.

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    Eat At Home

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    Hey Rob hit up Victoria Gardens its off of the 15 before you get to the concert

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    Mexico Cafe. On Highland Ave near Perris Hill Park. Great Margaritas and family owned for years. Lunch its Rosa Maria's for garbage burritos located on Sierra Way, above 40th St. For Pizza or Itailian its Two Guys on Highland Ave just east of the cross town freeway.
    There it is.

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