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Thread: Aussie Tour 08

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    downunder race fan
    Hot rumour doing the rounds here in Australia at the moment is that there will be up to 6 Aussie B.A.D boats heading to the US Aug 08 . These will be the Best boats in Australia including 2007 world champ LIBERTY . rumour says the event is to be held on the west coast in AUGUST 2008 any one got any more info ? K66 ??

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    I hope its long beach but i heard CASTAIC lake? it will be good no matter where it is..

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    If the City of Long Beach doesn't screw it up Round #1 of the U.I.M. K World Challenge will be held at Long Beach Marine Stadium on August 2 & 3, 2008 in conjunction with the Long Beach Sprint Nationals, Round # 2 will be held at a super secret location!!!!!, JK, I am working on two or three possible venues for the next weekend, August 9 & 10, 2008 as per the format.
    Word is that the Liberty, She's the Culprit, etc. will face the "Cone", "Freedom Child" and the rest of the U.S. Contingency. Heck, Maybe the current fastest K Boat might make the trek from FL to throw his hat in the ring. Ya never know!!!!!
    Any questions just ask me, don't let the rumor mill circulate the b.s.
    Ross Wallach, SCSC/RPM RACING ENT.
    (310) 318-4012 or

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    Ross got a question are we still under apba rules as far as engine sizes? or is this format unlimited motors? Whatever it is its gonna be GOOD! Im in all the way!!!!!!!!!

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    I think you might have to include Plan B in there Ross... if there are no engine rules I might just have a decent ski motor laying around...:devil:

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    The short answer is if you plan on running for the APBA K-Boat Nationals then you will need your APBA "Legal" K motor as well. I am working on the details as the B.A.D. rules are allow alot more than our APBA rules for non-capsulated boats. If you notice in the pic's they have roll cages so there's some manuevering I am doing to try to make this happen, fair and safe.
    Stay Tuned!
    BTW, K's are were just added to the Phoenix Firebird Gran Prix September 29 & 30 with Champ Boats, Super Stocks, WFLS (SST-45's) and wakeboard competition.

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    not to mention that their rules allow for alot more leeway in regards to the hull itself, i.e. 21 ft v-bottoms:idea:

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    downunder race fan
    The Australian rules for the B.A.D boats are as follows
    any length hull V or flat
    unlimited cubic inches small block or big block
    no supercharger size or overdrive limit
    methanol fuel
    wings permitted
    so it's pretty much an unlimited unrestricted class. The boats i have heard that are coming include LIBERTY ( small block 434ci ) SHE'S THE CULPRIT ( BIG BLOCK ) OUTLAW ( BIG CUBE BIG BLOCK !) DUGGGAN BALANCING ( TWIN TURBO SMALL BLOCK WITH CAPSULE ) AND MADNESS ( BIG BLOCK CAPSULE BOAT ) all boats regulary run 140 mph + in race trim with LIBERTY and DUGGAN BALANCING closer to 150mph
    heres a link to an Aussie forum with pics from a B.A.D boat crash last weekend
    driver was lucky and only received bruising

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    downunder race fan
    Ross got a question are we still under apba rules as far as engine sizes? or is this format unlimited motors? Whatever it is its gonna be GOOD! Im in all the way!!!!!!!!!
    when this was run in AUSTRALIA earlier this year it was run as the UIM unlimited displacement WORLD TITLE. ie UNLIMITED as in no engine restrictions, there would not be a single boat in oz that would be legal for K-boat competition. If it is ran again under the same rules i think some of your guys would be more than competitive against our best. Duff beat about 3/4 of the boats that entered the world titles on a very tight course with single buoy turns , something that he said was totally new to him ! would have loved to have seen K-23 on some of our bigger courses he may not have caught LIBERTY but would have sure as hell made him work hard for the win

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    downunder race fan

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