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Thread: Ignition ?

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    I have the Thunderbolt ignition in my boat. 84 Chris Craft 19' w/a 305. I've heard of the msd marine ready to drop in system. At jegs it was close to 700.00. Is it worth it and what could I expect?

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    Keep your Thunderbolt unless it is a blower engine. For $700 you can do other mods to gain more power.

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    The MSD is a good system, however, a lot of people carry a spare with them What does that tell you?? I think the thunderbolt is decent, except for the built in rev limiter, whick I dont think you can adjust. I had good luck with the thunderbolt on a 600 or so HP- BBC.
    I'd leave the stock ignition if you can live with the rev limiter, and the factory advance curve. I believe it is more reliable.

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    T-Bolt IV system is very capable, especially on stock too mild engines. Has powered many 500-550hp 502's with no issues.
    T-Bolt V system has the rev limiters, knock sensor, and mean best timing. This typically works against you with a high performance set up.

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    Sweet. I didn't want to drop the cash on one. Being mine is a 84 I don't believe it has a rev limiter. I have spun it up pretty tight when I was playing with props.

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    Keep your TB IV. For a 305 SBC it's all you need. I'm running a TB IV with mine and it does fine. I do utilize an MSD 6AL box and coil. Distributor and ignition module are all TB IV.

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    I'm running a TB4 with an MSD Blaster 3 High vibration coil on a blown 900 HP motor with a v-6 14 degree advance module no issues here. Ran it 2 years prior to that with an 750+ HP blown motor with no issues either. It will run whatever you want and do it well with the proper advance module, there are a few to choose from.

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    You must be pricing it with a box.
    The R2R distributors do not need a box, but one CAN be used, if you want.
    A marine R2R for a Chevy is only about $380, p-lus coil and wires.

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    Stick with the Merc ignition and use your scratch on something else.

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    I was told 20-25 hp but the biggest bonus is the reliability. Just bump the key and it fires up. Mine does that now

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