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Thread: Magneto or Dist??

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    I have a Vertex mag..came on the boat..I am sure it needs service big time..was starting hard and had to idle the boat at about 1400 rpm..very hard to start after the motor was warm..took out the mag for the holiday and installed a stock GM dist. that I had. Boat idled real smooth at about 1000 rpm. I can feel a loss of power. If I have the mag serviced and repaired, will the boat still idle at the lower rpm or do mags typically force the engine to idle faster..and the boat starts fine with the dist, but it's a draw on the battery, will the mag after it is serviced snap the motor right over or do they typically cause the motor to start a little slower...

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    Your hard starting problem with the mag could be due to the speed that the starter is turning the motor over. Switching to a 16 or 24 volt system will cure this problem. As far as your idle problem I'm not sure, it sound like low output from the generator which would definately not help your starting problem. With the mag I run my rpm's can drop to 600 without stalling.

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    Install a good high torque mini starter. Have the mag freshened up. Motor should idle fine. I like mags, they are more maintance free and don't require any alt. Pat

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