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Thread: Reverse spam*****BAFFLES NEEDED*****

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    I traded a buddy some parts for some baffles, I get out to the lake this weekend fire up the boat, and it sounds like it should, only problem is the rangers don't think baffles are gone!!!!, I call around and find out the baffles were not his to trade, and the guy they belong to got his boat running and needed them back ......F***er came and took them out while I was at work, Long story short I need some cheepie baffles. I usually run without them but the local lake I run at won't let me. So I just need something that'll keep the po-po off my azz while I put around evenings after work.
    And I know what kind of response I am going to get from you guys about this buddy of mine......not to worry I am already plotting my payback, and lets just say I doubt he'll be screwing around with my boat when I am not around anymore. :devil:
    THE CHEAPER THE BETTER, this olds is killing me !!!

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    Bump, for the evening gang.

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    My buddy that has a jet with ot headers and he just gets a cherry bomb glasspack muffler from kragen, cuts it half and puts each piece in the end of the headers with a screw to hold them in and hes gotten checked and they have said its fine.

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