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    this might be a dumb question but does anybody know who makes the shooter props? thanks in advance

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    i believe they were OMC props but wouldn't swear to it.

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    OMC is my recollection as well. I never hear anything about them anymore, so I wonder if they were discontinued and/or if they did not perform real well?

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    thanks for the info. i found a cheap shooter, maybe i'll give it a try.

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    the shooter was an omc prop.they worked very well as an all around prop(ski& top end)i have one and love it.they updated it and then changed the name.i highly recommend giving it a try.i hope this helps

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    The Shooter Prop has an interesting story. During my summers in College, I worked at OMC. I worked there during the summer they designed the Renegade and Shooter. We were comparing 4 blade props (the Turbo was the hot 4 blade at the time) and we came up with a prop that did everything better - faster, better holeshot, better bowlift, you name it. However, it had too much rake and wouldn't fit in the existing OMC prop boxes (they were universal boxes at the time), so the OMC Brass sent us back to the drawing board. They dropped the rake and that became the shooter. It is a great holeshot prop, but not as fast as the Renegade (the prop that was originally designed).
    The 27" Shooter was a fast prop, the others should pretty much be used for heavier boats where holeshot is more important than bowlift and top end.
    Sam Baker
    Baker Marine Support

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