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Thread: Thought some might like to see this

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    This is a Bud commercial that aired only ONCE.....
    after the 9-11 tragedy
    makes me glad they were not just out to make a buck
    Hope you like it, as I did.......

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    That is a great commercial.

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    Baja Big Dog

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    I remember when that aired, haven't seen it since. Its just as classy today, as it was then. Still gives me chills. Thanks for the link!

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    very nice .....its to bad it wasn't shown more.....It also gos to show that no matter what we are still the best damm country in the world, to set aside our differences to pay tribute to the ones who fell..
    U. unconditional ..S.sacrifices .. of A. americans..

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    Great Video!!! Thanks for the link!!

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    It aired during the super bowl....classy spot...

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