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Thread: NJBA dragboat races, Lifeline and the Classic V-Drive Club this weekend.

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    NJBA drag races this weekend at lake Ming in Bakersfield September 15th & 16th. Stop by the Lifeline trailer for all your safety equipment needs and go for the details. Please don't forget to go to the 2007 rulebook at the lower right corner of the NJBA website for all race/tech rules and safety equipment information. And a special welcome to the Classic V-Drive Club for their participation at this weekends event.

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    here is something I found in some old 8mm film ,,, this was a sign hanging in Spikos showroom.... advertising there new jet world record 98.11 miles per hour at lake ming..... I have surprizing video of early drag boat races,, early 60s... You might not know this but drag races used to start on the west shore heading east...... I grew up on Lake Ming racing with my dad, he pulled me skiing behind k-boats racing other skiiers.... on long woodin skiis and a 150 rope.... I think it is way too dangerous anymore.......Randy

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