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Thread: STARTED ON K-33 (need some parts)

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    The K boat is started on and before I order 3-4k worth on new parts, I thought I would see what was out there.
    5ea 1/2 inch turnbuckes
    10ea stands for the turn buckles
    6ea 5 1/2 inch pillow blocks for 1 inch bar
    BBC blower manifold with burst pannel and water jackets.
    A few pics of the project.

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    Thanks Morg.
    I also need a 1 3/8" split coupler for the drive shaft to the gear box.

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    Go for it. Great looking project. But 37's how about some 45,s

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    Chad, I will talk to Buzzz tomorrow and see if we have a few of those parts lying around. If I forget to get back to you give me a call.
    Hey, it looks like you got it home now.

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    Hey rocket, Based on how we had the boat constructed, the power we are foing for and the handling we are hoping for 37's are the gears (its all math for a starting point.) We are going to race and I think 110 - 115 mph is plenty for a k boat on most of the short tracks. You may be right and I will end up with 45's. Any input out there give me you ideas. 800lbs bare hull, total weight will be aprox. 2200lbs and shooting for 110 - 115 mph at 7000rpm
    Paul thanks for taking a look. I think I have some gears lined up.

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    Chad, we are going to go dig through some stuff around lunch time. We will give you a call as soon as we know exactly what we have that might fit your needs.

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    Thanks Paul. I will call you in the morning. I only have your work number.
    Anyone else have anything.
    I also need a magnito.
    I know there are some peaple that have thhe tools to make some of these parts. How much and how long to get them???????

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    On alcohol i wouldnt go lower than 45's !!

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