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Thread: question about a PTO

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    Hello all. I am putting a 502 in an old hallet flat bottom and I have a question about the PTO. I bought a new pto from glenwood marine and went to bolt up the driveline tonight, but had a little snag and wanted to check on it before I went through with it. The flywheel has 7 bolts in it. 6 bolts plus one larger bolt. On the pto, there is a total of 11 holes. 4 are for the driveline to bolt to the pto (threaded), 6 are for the bolts going through the flywheel (these are recessed) and there is one hole that lines up with the larger bolt hole in the flyweel (not threaded). The pto came with 10 bolts (4 for the driveline to the pto and 6 for the pto to the flywheel). It did not come with the odd larger bolt. Also, the bolt that was originally in the flywheel (the odd larger bolt) does not fit through the hole that lines up to it in the pto. Do I just not use this bolt? What is the point of it? Also, being that this is an externally balanced motor, if I were to not use it, wouldn't it throw the motor out of balance? Any help would be appreciated.

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    The 7th hole is probably for the alignment dowel pin.

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