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Thread: Removing V4 powerhead to replace upper mount

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    Has anyone removed an OMC powerhead (1980, 140 HP)from the tower housing? I am sure I have removed all the nuts and bolts holding the powerhead on. Using a hoist, I can't separate the two; I am actually lifting the entire engine and boat off the trailer! Any suggestions?

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    try prying between the powerhead and the midsection

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    I cannot get a prybar in between the powerhead and midsection; the lower pan is in the way. The lower pan gets disconnected from the powerhead and removed from the midsection after the powerhead is hoisted off.

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    Get a bigger hammer.

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    yea i know i have a couple of those motors, you should be able to bearly get a pry bar between the waterjacket and the midsection, and use the cowling for leverage, if not drop the lowerunit and try a pry bar under one of the heads using the cowling for leverage or try some heat.

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    I pulled my 115 OMC last week. Four small bolts at the front, four small bolts at the rear, three long bolts on each side, disconnect the shifter rod under the carbs and the powerhead should come off.If not, the crankshaft and driveshaft may be corroded together, in which case the only thing I know to do is apply more force to separate the two. I would have a hard time believing that the gasket could hold the two together strongly enough to pick up the boat. Good luck! Tim

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    Oh yeah as snapper trapper said dropping the lower unit would confirm that the driveshaft was free from the crank, don't forget to disconnect that shift rod (I did)! Tim

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    yes the gasket will make the 2 stick as well but should still pry apart also you can try putting a pry bar under the 2 studs in the back of the motor under the thermostat cover

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    Thanks for the feedback. I just broke it loose today. I pried between the thermostat covers and the exhaust manifold; I didn't realize the thermostat covers are part of the tower housing.

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