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Thread: Any electricians out there?

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    Have a home electrical question for you.

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    Whats up

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    gome inc.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    You use the neutral for a ground,,, Sub-panels have a seperate ground buss.
    What's the question?

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    My hallway lights will not turn on. I also have a switch for my garage interior lights on the same circuit, and they also do not work. I figured it was the breaker, but I switched it out twice, and no workie. I also changed the switches si I figure I must have lost a neutral connection somewhere along the way. Guess what I get to do tomorrow? Any other ideas?

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    Could be open neutral or hot or something shorted, although that hopefully would have tripped the breaker. I would switch the breaker off and leave it that way until an electrician checks it out. Did you hang any pics recently or do something where you might have run a screw through a wire in the wall?
    Also, this is pretty basic, but did you try replacing the bulbs?

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    how old is the house? breakers regularly go bad.

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    Yep, lost connection somewhere, not nesessarally the neutral.
    Do check the breaker first just to make sure you have got power transmission thru it.
    No other anomolies?
    Any outlets on the circuit?
    Go get one of the 3-prong plug-in testors, and shove it in an outlet on teh circuit to help you diagnose it. They'll tell you of lost wiring, just not where.

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    I just ran a test on all the plugs on the circuit in the garage and they have no power. I must have lost a neutral. When I first moved in 5 years ago, I ran a junction box off of my garage light. I am now guessing my neutral came loose.
    Thanks for the help so far. Please keep it coming.

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    When I run a tester to the first switch, I think, I get no power.

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