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Thread: only 2 cylinders getting gas?

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    Ok I know this isn't a boat question.....but I was hoping maybe somebody could answer this question. I am just rebuilt a 1964 390 FE motor and put it in my galaxie. I am trying to get my first start out of this motor. I put the distributor in on the correct degree and the firing order is right....plenty of spark. I was getting it to backfire and was getting a strog gas smell like it was I countinued fooling with the timing until I knew that wasn't the problem what so ever.....then I pull all the spark plugs and shine a light into the cylinders. As I turn the engine over I gave it some gas and noticed that the only cylinders getting gas are the back two (4 and 8...and just a little bit in 7). So basically my question is...."Why would only the back two cylinders be getting gas and the other cylinders are dry????

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    If you see gas in the cylinders the engine is flooded. There should be no liquid fuel in the cylinders at all.

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    What he said, the reason there's gas in the back cylinders is because the motor is on a slight angle, and with a dual plane manifold the raw gas hits the floor and runs to the back!.

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    if you are certain that you spark timing is correct, start checking your cam timing

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    A word of caution for your newly rebuilt engine. If you have been cranking on the starter there is a good possibility you have wiped all the moly assembly lube off the cam lobes and lifters leaving you wide open to flatten a cam. With the oil additives needed for flat tappet cams and lifters that are now gone [zinc disulfide among others] there is a good chance of destroying your new cam. When firing a newly rebuilt engine it is imperative to have the engine ready to start and run at 2000-2500 rpms as soon as the engine lights. It should have been static timed, primed and filled with coolant so the engine can run for no less than 20 minutes at 2+k rpm with as little cranking as possible. If you are running a roller cam disregard this post. FYI: liquid fuel in the cylinders will wash all the oil off the walls and rings making the engine crank hard and lower the compression. Remove the plugs and squirt some oil into the cylinders before trying to fire the engine again.

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    If it is backfiring through the carb, it is likely you have the distributor 180 degrees off. Instead of firing on #1 TDC compression stroke it is firing on the exhaust stroke. Put engine on #1 TDC compression stroke and see where the rotor points.

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    Which way did you wire the distributor cap? Clockwise or counterclockwise?? Ford FE's rotors turn CCW.....Right Art?..............Ray

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    Which way did you wire the distributor cap? Clockwise or counterclockwise?? Ford FE's rotors turn CCW.....Right Art?..............Ray
    Yep, LOL..

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    I did a compression test today and it revealed that there was no compression at all. On a ford fe 390 they do not have adjustable rocker arms....just a rod that is nearly the length of the head with rockers connected to it and four bolts holding it on. I ended up loosening the rocker arm assembly bolts a little bit because my push rods didn't turn freely at TDC.....sure enough the compression tester gauge shot up. Either my torque specs were wrong or the heads had been milled at one point in time....the only way to adjust the rocker arms on a 332-428 fe motor is to buy push rods that are either .060 shorter or longer. Problem solved. Damn fords.

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    You can buy adjustable rockers. Some of the high po stuff came with them stock...Mainly solid lifter motors, but my 428 FE has adjustable rockers and hyd lifters........Check the local parts stores....They probably won't stock them, but they are available. Jegs, Herbert, Summit .....................MP

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