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Thread: Chinese Nukes in Syria???

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    Funded by Iran?? Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!!!
    Now I understand what the Israelis were doing over Syrian airspace last week, and what it was the Syrians were trying to protect that was important enough that the Syrians too a shot at them....the secret is out boys...WW3, here we come. And I now think I know what Bush is going to talk about in his address to the Nation sometime this week...wonder what the fraidycrats will say about this???
    Oh, and did anyone catch the skewering General Petraus got in congress Monday?? Cowards, absolute traiterous dems..,7...448829,00.html

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    Crazy Stuff have to look at CNN. I think Bush is going to talk tomorrow night.

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    Have no fear, it's all in God's mighty hands.

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    I am sure if we are just nice to them it will all be OK.....
    Let Kucinich ( sp?) handle it...he's got a great plan....:sqeyes:

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    Use more fuel, that'll keep them happy........
    RTJas.....boating for world peace!

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    ULTRA26 # 1
    Have no fear, it's all in God's mighty hands.

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    Scary stuff

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    And those FRIGGIN Chinese commie bastards keep playing it off as if they are our buddies. Once a commie, always a commie. Lets see how fast we can end trade with them. I just might be horrible, us not being able to buy low quality junk...oh my.

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    Big Warlock
    No Worries!!!! We have Cindy Sheeehan!!!! LOL
    Sad state of affairs in this country. People just refuse to WAKE UP!!!!

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    Have no fear, it's all in God's mighty hands.
    Haven't you heard, "God Is Fake".

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