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Thread: Need help. Need to find party limo bus in Bakersfield

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    Alright people, I was hoping you can help us. We will be at the boat races this weekend in Bakersfield, but we are kinda doubling this as a bachelor party. Problem is we have about 15-20 guys in on this deal. We got a quote on a hummer limo for 6 hours for $1150 and she says that includes all the booze we can drink (it must be towing a limo cooler)
    Anyone know of anything up there, or have a hookup. I am interested. Hoping to find a party bus. Thanks.

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    I suggest having the party at the boat races in San Diego this weekend! You'll have a much better "after-party"!

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    This is true. But we are test n tuning on some boats up in bako at ming.
    I did line up a 20 passenger limo bus for $1104 for 6 hours. Was hoping for a little better, but I guess thats not too bad. We have a guy working on something for us though the movie companies. thanks

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