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Thread: Bass boat speed questions

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    I have an 18 ft. Astro bass boat with a 1995 merc 150XR6. It also has a jackplat with a 24 inch 4 blade trophy prop. Speedo says 69-70mph. She chine walks at that speed. If I trim down a touch to 67-68 mph she's straight as a string. I need to know how I can break 70 mph without chine walking. Thanks.

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    Get a gps and recheck your speed. That seems a little hot for a 150. The difference your noticing in speed could be the angle at which water is entering the pickup.
    Chine walking is a sign of it getting aired out and on the pad,,,ready to really start running,,,unless your overtrimed. Pardon the comment, but its a mainly driver error.
    It will probably take some engine mods to get into the 70's.

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    Merlin, it has to be overtrimmed, I can run straight and bring it up all the way on the trim. After the motor gets wound up to top speed, she starts wobbling. the steering is fine as is the driver :-)

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    Define wobble. How long have you have this ride?
    What I ment by dirver error is most have a tendency to over correct for chine walk and make it worse. As the hull drops or tilts to the left from prop torque , most will turn the wheel to the right to correct. Problem is by the time the wheel is turned the rebound is already taking place and you can get it to the point you will have to let out of it. Try steering with the fall. As it tilts to the left and begins the rebound back, steer into it slighty. Ususally this is only a small "jerk" or tension on the wheel.

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