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Thread: How to turn the chicks on

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    I imagine, each and every date you have been on, has been a bad date.No, sometimes I get laid.

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    I didn't know Jordy was a waiter! :idea:

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    Like a chicken???
    No, sometimes I get laid.

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    fat rat
    No, sometimes I get laid.
    Maybe you need one of those t-shirts that say's "EASY". J/K

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    No, sometimes I get laid.
    In that case it was a bad date for the guy.

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    In that case it was a bad date for the guy.

    Are you saying that it's a bad date for the guy if I DO get laid??? Don't make me get all evil on you.

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    Yep, Girls like that. Natural selection, survival of the species deal.
    I found that offering them double their normal fee helps set the mood also!

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