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Thread: Miami or LA --Which boat show to attend??

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    Wife and I are trying to figure out which to go to since the ever so intelligent planners scheduled them for the same dates.
    We've been to the Miami show a couple of times and like how you can combine South Beach Nightlife, the beach, and Boats in February but now that sort of have the west coast style bug with our Ultra, it'd be nice to see some more stuff along those lines.
    Note: We already have the cruiser (350 Carver Mariner) and the Go Fast (Ultra 26 Deck)--
    If you've been to both, i'd like to hear your comparisons.

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    Ive been to the Miami Show. I think Ft Lauderdales is Better Oct 24-28
    Never been to L.A. Boat show

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    I haven't been to the LA show. I've been to Miami, it's a little convoluted with the multiple locations, parking, etc.
    You might consider going to the Ft. Lauderdale or W. Palm shows. That way you still get a trip to S. Florida.

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    To see the Hottest "Hot Boats" I would say Miami, the East coast boats are crazy sick! If you are "shopping" for the family's new boat I would say L.A. I think west coast boats are more functional and obtainable in price and all the builders are there to assist you with the purchase.

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    If I was in the market for a new Sportfisher or Large Express Cruiser, I'd go to Miami.
    If I wanted a new ULTRA, NORDIC, SLEEK/MAGIC, SHOCKWAVE, etc., etc., etc., Los Angels... I'm sure some of these builders will be represented at the Miami Boat show, via their dealers. However since the LA Convention is only 45+ minutes from my house I'll be going to the LA boat show at least one day.

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    Baja Big Dog
    Doesn't the Miami show have boats in the WATER!! Until they start floating boats in the LA river, I would go to Miami, next year will interesting in L.A., Im guessing a low to very low attendance in both visitors and vendors, last years show pretty much sucked from what I hear. And there is no after life around the L.A. show, unless you consider eatin a chili burger and feeding Pigeons at Tommy's a treat!!

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