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Thread: 78 Southwind for sale

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    1978 Southwind mini-cruiser in great condition. 460 Ford jet. Has everything you need and is ready to go. Yellow original gelcoat and new tan interior. No rotted wood and all wood is coated with epoxy resin. New cover and trailer tires. $7900 Original owner. Los Angeles area call Jack at 626 969-3973 or e-mail at subject boat and I can send you pictures. 2forceful has a picture of it on the second reply. How he got it there is a mystery.

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    btw I am not for sale.

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    Wow, 2forceful how did you get a picture of my boat?

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    I'm a secret agent in training

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    btw I am not for sale.[/QUOTE]
    everything has a price.

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    Well 2forceful I think the grasshopper has listened well to the master. You do know that's really my boat right?

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    Here is a picture

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    Got any more pics? Friend of mine may be interested.....

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