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Thread: Unfortunate loss to the Jokers Wild Family

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    Jokers Wild Havasu
    Unfortunate loss to the Jokers Wild Family.
    While transporting a helicopter back to Nevada from the East Coast. Joseph (Benji) Grammer, 36 and Jeffery Legro, 24 from Leading Edge Helicopters were killed when the helicopter they were flying crashed. The accident occurred in north Caddo Parish Louisiana at 6:30pm on September 12th.
    Benji the owner of leading edge Helicopters flew for the majority of Jokers Wild events for over four years. Benji and Jeff will be deeply missed and our condolences go out to their Families.
    Todd Taylor
    Jokers Wild Promotions
    Jerry Taylor
    S&B Custom Images

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    Terrible news. Sorry for your loss. Prayers go out to all involved.

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    Real sorry to hear of this

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    This happened here in Shreveport lastnight. They said @ 6:30pm reports that the chopper was flying real low.
    At that point people started to call 911. Sheriffs found the wreakage @ 8:30 pm in a wooded area just north of the city....
    The helicopter that crashed in north Caddo Parish on Wednesday evening, killing two men, was making a cross-country trip to a flight training school in Nevada, authorities said today.
    Caddo Parish sheriff's deputies identified the dead men as Jeffery Daniel Legro, 24, and Joseph Benjamin Grammer, 36.
    Deputies said the men had picked up the chopper from a helicopter company in Century, Fla., on Wednesday and were flying to Grammer's flight training school in Boulder City, Nev. They were scheduled to make a stop in Paris, Texas.

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    FAA Still has not made it out to the crash site. This has been all over the news here...
    They used our Life flight helicopter to serach for the wreakage..Took 2 hrs to find it...

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    Wow, that's just horrible news. Thoughts and prayers to those involved.

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    Sorry to here of this horrible news. May they find ever lasting peace.

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    Sorry for the loss. I will keep them in my prayers

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    Here is another article...
    The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has identified the two people killed Wednesday evening when their helicopter crashed in north Caddo Parish.
    The bodies of 24-year-old Jeffery Legro and 36-year-old Joseph Grammer were found at the crash site off Gator Hole Freeway and LA 2 near Hosston.
    Their chopper went down around 6:30 p. m. Wednesday in the heavily wooded area.
    According to Cindy Chadwick with the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, 911 dispatchers began receiving several calls at that time from people who reported hearing a low flying aircraft and, then, seeing smoke.
    Chadwick said deputies immediately began looking for a possible crash site but could not locate it right away. They soon called for help from the Civil Air Patrol, a private pilot and Life Air.
    "Life Air was able to locate the wreckage," said Chadwick. "It was still on fire when they found it, so deputies were able to pinpoint that location."
    Deputies, using machetes, hacked through thick brush in order to reach the site. That's when they discovered the bodies, Chadwick said. One person appeared to have fallen from the chopper, while the other was still strapped in the wreckage and burned beyond recognition, according to investigators at the scene.
    In a news release issued Thursday morning, Chadwick said Lt. John Fourcade and Sgt. Michael Gray found paperwork in the wreckage that helped piece together the aircraft's flight plan.
    According to Fourcade, it shows that the pilots picked up the refurbished Fairchild-Hiller 1100 helicopter Wednesday from Van Nevel Helicopters in Century, Florida. They were flying the helicopter to Grammer's flight training school, Leading Edge Rotor Craft, in Boulder City, Nevada. However, first they were scheduled to make a stop in Paris, Texas, but did not show up.
    Personnel with the Caddo Parish Coroner's Office removed the bodies Wednesday night, but the wreckage remained in place with sheriff's deputies watching over the scene around the clock.
    "The wreckage has to stay here," Chadwick said. "The FAA will be here and they'll do an independent investigation, so we don't want anything to be compromised when they get here to conduct the investigation that they need to do."
    That investigation, Chadwick said, was supposed to begin Thursday morning. But deputies at the scene told KSLA News 12 they've since learned FAA investigators will not be arriving until sometime Friday.
    Stay tuned to this website and KSLA News 12 for further updates on this story.

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    Sorry to hear this,
    Prayers and thoughts go out to them and Jokers Wild
    Sorry to hear this Todd

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