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Thread: Tell me your "must sees" for New York

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    bunny 166
    Going in October for 5 days...Besides Ground Zero and Central Park, Statue of Liberty, what are your favorites? It will be my first time there, and my daughter is coming along....There is so much to see, I know!! We already have tix for a Broadway show Friday night... Thanks all!

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    Wet Dream
    Coyote Ugly off of Broadway by a block or 2, great place for adults, they might allow kids up to a certain time. Times Square is a great place now. Its very touristy, almost Vegas like, minus the gambling. Brooklyn Diner, great place to eat, can say you've been there. Tavern on the Green maybe?
    For the real feel of New York, you can hit up Queens, Harlem, or the Bronx. The meat packing district is always good for a freak show.

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    That Guy
    You and me strolling arm in arm in Central Park....oops
    NYC is great....we have offices there so if you are short of recommendations then let me know and I will reach out to them for some local suggestions...say hi to D....

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    fat rat
    Empire State Building is a must do.........great views.:idea:

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    Go to Katz in deli in Brooklyn and get a pastrami I've ever tasted. Also go up to top of the Rockefeller building instead of the empire can take pics of the empire state building and central park from there

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    out of bounds
    We just got back a week ago we had a blast we spent 10 and 2 of them where in the city. the other was in cooperstown my 12 played in a tournament back there ,and was way cool.
    2 things I can tell you not to do
    Dont rent a car and try and drive around on fri @ 3. it f*&%ing sucked 2.5hrs to go less then 5 miles (oh the worng way)
    Dont try and find a gas stastion the city there isn't any (part of the 2.5 trip the wrong way.)
    carnagee deli is a must
    helmrt cam for cab ride life time of fun
    BBQ resturant any of them they where the bomb

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    As much of a downer as it may be, ground zero. Leave a few thoughts and prayers....

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    Empire State Building is a must do.........great views.:idea:
    I agree. Do they still have that virtual roller coaster ride through New York there? Its the kind where ya get into a set of seats and they move around as you watch a huge video surrounding you.

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    1....JBB's birthplace,and the sites of his 1st, 2nd, and 5th arrest!

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    I was gonna say you & Darrin should go to Scores but I see the little one is going.Sorry,no help here.Have fun tho.

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