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Thread: Who's going to the SCOPE poker run?

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    So what ***boaters are going to be heading down to Long Beach the 29 and 30? I know I'll be there! And what are you running in?

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    "Unofficially" I will be there in my 29 Shockwave

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    Dude! Sweet!
    I'm there in the Pantera.
    I'm assuming it'll be the only one there. Unless Rocky feels like getting his boat salty!

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    SAFA 1
    40' skater cant wait

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    And anybody have an open seat?

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    There with my Daytona

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    We're there...................for the parties!

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    Well, I am out unless some miracle happens with my boat. My IMCO steering is out AGAIN!

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    I don't have a boat, but wanted to go to at least watch them take off.

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    I'm surprised that not many people from this board go to this event.

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