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Thread: 78 Biesemeyer Jet

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    hi all,
    a month ago I came across a surprise in my northern michigan town...
    a 78 Biesemyer sitting on the side of the road with a sign that said "make offer". I picked it up for 200 including the double axle trailer. it was a divorce case and the x husband in 1982 stripped the boat of the engine/jet/gas tanks, and the wife filled the hull with dirt and used it as a planter, there was a 10 foot tall oak tree in it, along with some tomato plants.
    the only damage is some faded paint and fiberglass that has delaminated off of the stringers. I cut all the glass off, and they are not rotten.
    what sort of glass/epoxy is best to use? woven roving? mat? epoxy? polyester? anyway to tell what engine this boat had in it? I have a 460 in my wriedt boat, if it had a chevy in it, is it a big project to put in a ford?
    I tried pricing some gas tanks from Jetboat performace and was quoted 850 plus tax. can I get some for cheaper or make my own? where can I get seats or seat molds or shells?

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    Tell me you got before pictures of the tree and tomato plants!

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    you can get tanks and other parts on ebay,cheaper than that,also look in the spam section would be cheaper picking up a complete boat with engine pump,and other parts and swapping it all over to the new hull!

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