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Thread: 77 Bayon Hull Race Ready?

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    Our boat has a Ford 460 with a mild cam. GPS 59.9 at 4700 RPM, would like to go faster. Has a Berk 12JC pump, with a loader and nozzle. Wondering if I could built a motor with a stage 2 pump, to increase my MPH? By the way, what is a stage 2? Does anybody know what a Bayon hull is rated for speed and/or handling. Also what does that mean when a motor shuts down at high speed and "bad things happen"? Anyway want to build a high HP motor and pump this winter. Looking for any help as far as a block and built pump. Must be Ford.:wink: Not looking to go a buck 20, would like to do a nice 80-90.
    Mike and Cindy

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    mike b
    My Bayon is a V-drive, but I top in the low 70's with a 440.

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    sure looks like a taylor to me!>

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    mike b
    The HIN says it's a Bayon, I guess they could of copied Taylor. Has anyone seen another Bayon V-drive? I have been looking for 3 or 4 years and can't find another one.

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    NOPE I am pretty sure that is not a Taylor... Top deck is different, may have the same bottom, like Galaxie... different top deck though.

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    Ken F
    Sure don't mean to burst your bubble, but 80-90 is going to be a pretty tall order. I'd say judging from your rpm's you are turning now that you could add quite a bit of power to your existing setup without having to touch the pump.
    It's not going to hurt to turn that ol Ferd to 60-6500, but that's going to take quite a lot of hp to get there. If it were me, I'd build some power over the winter, and see how the hull handles it, and where you are at next summer. Adjust from there.
    Ken F

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