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Thread: Promax 300 w/SVS & High Flow Reed Plate = results

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    Got the boat on water yesterday. I have a Phantom 25 w/Promax 300 and a new SVS & High Flow Reed Plate assembly. The boat weight is approx. 1.100 kilos incl. engine and driver.
    The conditions was not ideal, but we managed to squeeze 77,0 mph out of the rig at 6.150 rpms. Normally in those conditions and in this area (Grimstad, where my dealer is located), we get 74-75 mph at 5.950-6.000 rpms. So I presumee we gained 150-200 rpms.
    The fjord in Grimstad is relativ short, so you have to make a slight right turn after approx. 1.200 meters. And the turn slows you down.
    I will check the speed on a another fjord where I normally get the best consistent speed (75-76 mph at 6.000 rpms), and let you know. This fjord is 10.000 meters long and conditions are normally great.
    The best speed I have got is 78 mph at 6.100 rpms, but thats only once a year (in the spring). Heaven knows how it happens. Its just there.
    We have doublechecked that the SVS is all up when the butterflies are fully open. The tps is set to 4.02 V using a digital voltmeter. Reccommended tps is 3,8 +- 0,25 V. Should we set the tps on the low side or as now - on the high side?
    Any point of recurving the ecu? The EFI injectors are blueprinted and calibrated (excellent and all within 0,4%).
    Since it is still very cold in Norway. Merely 8 degrees celcius in the water, and 12-14 Celcius in the air, the engine is running very cold. I get 145 F at idle, but at 4000 rpms + the temp drops to less than 115F. Which is too low. The termostats are all fine.
    We have made a adjustable poppetvalve two years ago, and we can restrict the flow of cold water. However, the psi raises to more than 25 psi at wot (which is max reccommended psi), so we end up running too cold now anyway. I will plug one of the waterinlets to see if it helps.
    When running too cold, I presume the engine does not make full horsepower - or am I wrong?
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Cheers, Toffen

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    Ya,but what about the Skater you were working on??

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    Hi Skaterfast!
    Long long story. The guy who is part of this has been ill, so the skater has been in a wharehouse in Dubai. However, he travelled down to Dubai yesterday - so I cross my fingers that I get the boat back home this time. I have waited for one year now....
    Hows things?
    Cheers, Toffen G

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    I've got a hole the size of a beer can in one of my 225 Promax motors.I still have my health.

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