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Thread: Warning: Dana Stevenson Electric a.k.a. Quiet Cool Fans

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    It was only a matter of time when this phuck nut was going to lose his license. This guy stuffed me about $25,000 in advertising and kept advertising everywhere.He would always tell me that he was going to pay me. Mean while this retard moves into a 15,000 square foot office building in Temecula and cant even pay the rent there. So now the office building is suing him for $2 million for breaking his contract with them. He took off during the night and bailed on them. He has been stiffing his customers, not giving refunds etc. So, now its time to sit back and watch him go down in flames, as he should for taking food out of my kids mouths. I would bet that the news crews are going to pick this up pretty soon. Here's his suspended license. look up his contractor number 649745

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    one thing i forgot to add, the product that he has is a whole house fan system. His primary business is being a electrician

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    Is he the owner of the Quiet Cool fan company or just an installer selling theirs products. The reason I ask is we've been considering their products, but I don't want any problems.
    Also, your link doesn't work.
    SB, they just suspended both of his licenses as of 9-13. He is the manufacture of the product and the installer. I just looked him up in the county court system and he has about a dozen lawsuits going against him. One that was just stated and about a month and half ago. A home owner is suing him for $4900 because of faulty grounding and they wont come back and fix it.
    I fixed the link and added his lic # so you can look him up. Total scum bag.
    If your looking for the system, I have a client in OC that is making the same thing but better, here is the link
    let me know if I can help with anything else.

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    Better file vs him Asap... that way you have a chance to seeing some cash.

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    Better file vs him Asap... that way you have a chance to seeing some cash.
    how do i have a chance to collect if he has back to back lawsuits? He has lawsuits that rang from $4900 to $2 million.

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    btw I looked up his other CL(00837095)... seems FTB is after him as well.
    If you wait until after he files for bankruptcy your chances of seeing anything are gone, more so with FTB on him. Filing right now gives you a slim chance of seeing some cash.( maybe a few thousand, but its better then nothing)

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    Agreed, a BK petition is probably in his near future.
    What company are your invoices with - him as an individual, or one of the two corporations?

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    Agreed, a BK petition is probably in his near future.
    What company are your invoices with - him as an individual, or one of the two corporations?
    both him and the Quiet Cool company.

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    both him and the Quiet Cool company.
    Him as an individual or under the company names, or both? How much?
    If this guy is going down, about the only shot you will have is to sue him quick and start trying to collect before he goes BK. If you can sue him personally, then you are way ahead of the game, that's why I ask how your services/invoices are structured.
    Also consider - if you are an individual, you can sue for up to $7500 in small claims. The other superior court litigation will take time to litigate, but the small claims process moves pretty quickly. Depending upon how your invoices are structured and whether or not it is an "open book" account, you might be able to file several small cliams suits. True, not $25K, but you are not a "secured" creditor and if he goes BK, then you most likely will not receive anything. Better to grab something, than nothing.
    His wifey is showing as owner of records for the Loretta address.

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