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    ...You think you've seen it all, something new pops up and you are left scratching your head in wonder. You wonder how the hell some people are allowed to buy certain products without having to pass some sort of test. I guess it's like how some people are allowed to vote and have no idea who/what they are voting for only that someone else said this is how they should vote.
    Well, to get back on topic. I don't know how many of you know that I took my '75 Miller out a few weeks back and the rod cap on #1 piston decided it was time to let go and make me spend more money than I wanted to, right now.
    Well, the engine is out and at the machine shop and in the process of being rebuilt. Since the engine was pulled and I could really do a good clean job to the bilge area I poured in a gallon of Simple Green, mixed up a cup of Tide in a bucket of hot water heater hot water and added in a 1/2 gallon of ammonia for good measure and then topped everything off with about 10 gallons of hot water. Tide sure isn't what it use to be. Anyway, I took the boat out (on the trailer) for a few miles drive, going over rough roads and a multitude of speed bumps. Got back home and proceeded to drain out the bilge and ran hot water until the water didn't have any more crud in it. Man it did a nice job cleaning the major mess that was there from years of draining the oil in the bilge and letting it run out the pump drain hole.
    As everything started drying out, I noticed some patches in the interior of the bottom. I did a thorough bottom check and could see a reason for any of the patches or the dribbled resin areas. No cracks, holes or major dings. I did notice that some of the patches had started to delaminate so I figured I'd see just how loose one of those patches were. It was real loose and only holding by the, what I thought was fine fiberglass mat. So I pulled on the patch and sure enough it wasn't laminated at all. Upon closer evaluation I came to conclusion that this wasn't fiberglass mat at all but, fiberglass bats as used in home insulation. You know the yellow or pink stuff they put in the walls and attics of homes.
    With the motor out, I guess it's time to get the bats out of the bilge and try to figure out just why someone would pull such a stunt.
    GOD, who let's some people work on anything?

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    were are the pics??????

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    were are the pics??????
    When I saw that is was house insulation, I was so depressed, I forgot to take pics. I will in the future. I think I'm over the shock of the band-aids that have been applied to this boat. What a way for the Miller name to show up again.
    With the exception of the BS that has taken place with this boat, The boat rides good!

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