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Thread: Oj In Trouble In Lv?

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    We shall see. Aparently he was somehow involved in a robbery at a hotel room. More to follow..
    "If I did it"???

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    Man! When is that guy gonna take his too small glove and crawl into a hole? Maybe he could write......What if I disappeared?

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    I figured eventually he'll end up broke on skid row...

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    I figured eventually he'll end up broke on skid row...
    Still not to late...

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    Like nobody ever tries to get him in trouble on purpose.
    Don't bonk your head on the A/C OJ...

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    OJ claims he was conducting a "sting" operation... hmmmm
    too bad Johnny Cochran isn't around to help him any more.

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    I ought to call my old buddy Mark Furman. I bet that he is quite cranked up about this.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Something along the lines he swiped some Sports Memorabilia.

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    OJ said he was looking for the "real" killers in that hotel room....

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