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Thread: Rebuild of 2001 merc. 240 2.0L

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    I have a friend that blew his this past weekend. Does anyone know who rebuilds these and what the cost would be?
    How about engine parts too? Would it be cheaper for him to rebuild it himself? Looks pretty easy but is there something he should know?

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    Any advise out there?

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    If he has mechanical experience, and he gets a Merc. repair manual... he
    should be able to do it. I found the outboards to be a challenge due to all
    the needle and roller bearings. Otherwise, no problem!

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    Any advise out there?
    Like Kingsbiship said,, get the book and pull it apart. I successfully rebuild a 200 Merc with no prior experience. Parts are expensive, if you don't have a local place try Dick Sherrer Marine in Norwalk, CA I believe.
    I ended up sourcing the roller bearings elsewhere to save a handful of money.

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    Do you remember how much were? Rough estimate would be great!

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